Ginebra San Miguel

Ginebra San Miguel was first introduced in 1834 and it is recognized as the number 1 selling gin in the world. It is a Dutch type gin made from fine sugarcane alcohol and selected imported essences.

Ginebra San Miguel Premium Gin

Indulge in the Ginebra San Miguel Premium Gin experience. It is an exquisite blend of botanical extracts and juniper berries splashed with a tang of delectable citrus. Premium Gin lives up to Ginebra San Miguel's more than 170 years of heritage with a soothing classy taste and just the right kick of alcohol.

GSM Blue

Mix it or drink it straight up! G.S.M. Blue is a 65 proof sugar cane alcohol blended with essences of juniper berries and other botanicals. It is the brand for the youth, ideal for mixed drinking, hence making it a fun alcoholic drink for the tropa.

GSM Blue Flavors

G.S.M. Blue Flavors is a perfect mix of clear spirit and flavors with an "extra light" alcohol content, that offers exciting flavors to the market. It can be drank straight, neat or chilled, making it a fun and easy drink for the barkada. Enjoy it in Mojito and Brown Coffee variants.

Primera Light Brandy

Primera Light Brandy is made from fine imported grapes, aged longer and made smoother with the breakthrough Premium Smooth Blend process. Its rich and flavorful taste enhanced by Solera Gran Reserva Brandy concentrates.

Gran Matador Brandy

Gran Matador Brandy Solera is a 32.5% high quality alcohol per volume with real brandy concentrates from Spain. Its distillation process is in accordance with the Grand Spanish Solera Tradition to ensure high product quality. Its rich, distinct aroma, smoothness and over-all taste are at par with those of international brands.

Gran Matador Light

A light premium brandy at 25% high quality alcohol per volume. It is made from imported grape concentrates from Spain, a good alternative to drinkers who prefer the same brandy taste and feel but with a milder alcohol kick.

Don Erique Mixkila

Don Enrique Mixkila is made with distilled spirits and choice imported essences of tequila.

Vino Kulafu

Vino Kulafu is the Philippines' most popular Chinese wine named after a legendary Filipino jungle hero, the brand has become a byword in Visayas and Mindanao. It is most appreciated for its 14 authentic Chinese botanical herbs and health benefits.

Antonov Vodka

Antonov is an affordable pure vodka made from high-grade alcohol that minimizes hangover. It undergoes double distillation & charcoal filtration, 80 proof, with a neutral taste & aroma; making it great to drink neat or mixed.

Antonov Vodka Mixed Drinks Ice

Antonov Vodka Mixed Drink Ice is a cocktail in 330ml bottle with "easy-pull" cap. The az blend of vodka, carbonated water and sugar infused with fruit extracts add a flavorful twist to your parties.